Sowday Trade is located in Guangdong China which is the commercial center and the most prosperous area in China. We are professional sourcing agent of many famous supermarkets, hotels, commercial & industrial institutions. We are dedicated to meet your personalized need of all kinds of products.

We deal in best-selling products home and abroad, covering home appliance, lighting fixtures, garments, packaging, hardware, electronic products, chemical products etc. Also, we have established long-term cooperation with lots of qualified factories and suppliers.

Design from scratch, speedy production, strict quality control, fast delivery. From a tiny shopping bag to home appliance etc., as soon as you have an idea of what you need, you can always find your satisfactory solution here. We are always keen to provide you a perfect global sourcing plan.

Our business broadened all over the world, including USA, France, Australia, Dubai, Egypt, Singapore, Indonesia and so on. Thanks to our constant focus on quality and service, we have earned a good reputation globally.

Based on decades of trading experience, we keep on chasing high cost performance products and services, satisfying multiple needs of clients. A complete purchasing and providing system was established to provide one-stop service to our customers.

We also provide Import & Export service, Translation & Business assisting services.

Contact us, enjoy our superb products and services now!

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